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Often does a woman change her heart, mad be the man who will trust her. We need to make better decisions. They showed the scene in slow motion. Do you know how to juggle? How many pupils are there in your school?

We're all here except for him. We still have some questions. My special branch of study is sociology.

How are you going to stop me? Is that a hint? It's a simple mistake. Kari took a book down from the shelf. My native language is Portuguese. Maybe that's right. The weather's bad, isn't it?

It remains to be seen what kind of picture we will be faced with in the end. We have rings. You should talk to a specialist. Owen just called.

Canada borders the United States. The cherry blossom is to Japan what the rose is to England. I don't know where that street leads. I picked up a prospectus and some other literature at the open day. She found a nice tie for me. Saul told me that Marshall had a new boyfriend. Never miss a good chance to shut up. I do not like him either. I want to get that classic car no matter how expensive it is.

The expression "portable" is ambiguous, as you don't know whether it refers to a telephone, a computer, or another portable device. I don't understand what Byron wants me to do. The pentagram is an important symbol in witchcraft. It's a very becoming dress. Please forgive me. I didn't mean to be rude. It's the only way to do it. Evan said Hwa should go.

He lost no time. I'd like to know what I did wrong. Boeing, which builds more than half the world's commercial airliners, is understandably keen to draw attention to what can go wrong besides planes. I hear that Dale and Robin have split up.

They have only enough funds to build the factory. He is working hard in order to pass the entrance examination. I'm a little concerned. Bill is 20 minutes late. He must have gotten lost somewhere. It is inevitable that I go to France someday, I just don't know when. You just wouldn't understand. This is really nothing new.

What's with the broom?

We must be loyal to our principles. Hard work enabled him to get good marks. Do you have any friends in Boston? Time is the father of truth. Nicholas went away angry. I can't imagine what could be keeping Terry. Next Monday is a holiday. Their happiness was rooted in their industry. This is not an easy question.

I have two sons. Haven't we done this before? Could you tell me what to do? The crew is tense. I have my own bedroom.

I can't seem to reach her. How much does it cost for one person? We still don't know why this happened. Wade almost always helps Scott with her homework.

It worked like a charm. Diane changed his job. Bjorne was happy to hear Keith's voice over the phone. Someone broke my camera. I do not think we can prolong this debate. The bite of this spider causes intense pain.

It was all a silly dream. Anything can happen in the world of dreams. That makes it easier. How many dresses like that does Lar have? Only humans can laugh. Appreciate the importance of propaganda in politics. Problems soon developed. She bought a loaf of bread this morning. I'm pretty sure Hwa's a teacher.

No one escaped. They made him sign the contract against his will. The dress I like most is the black one. The President called out the troops. Sekar walked through the metal detector. I am living in Japan.

My house doesn't have a roof. Dwayne walked cautiously down the dark alley. She switched on the lamp because it was dark. Arguing with a woman is about as fruitful as scooping up water with a sieve. The troop was altogether destroyed.

We were alone and a man broke in. He has writing talent.

You didn't like that game. Edgar gave Loyd a high five. Reiner isn't even breaking a sweat. It was said that the lady had been an actress. I wonder why Hume told you that. I didn't flirt with Lievaart. There was a large crowd in the hall.